Monday, July 29, 2013

Green Flash

 College starts again this week and my facial expression in the picture above summarises how I feel about going back to classes. Still, no time to complain: let me show you one of my favourite pieces since I started blogging!

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(Top Shop Blazer, ASOS birds of paradise blouse, Missguided Metallic skirt, Choies A.Wang dupe heels)

Earlier in the year I posted an outfit featuring a gorgeous rose-gold skirt which I wore to my test-shootings. Thus began my love affair for anything metallic, including this gorgeous lime-green skirt I snapped up for under $20! The laser-cut details on the bottom really compliments the birds on the blouse for some reason, and gives the overall look a little contrast to an otherwise rather preppy look.

I'm also incredibly in love with my nails! Sorry for the horrible job, and I don't know if the pictures did it justice. However, the glitter over the sparkle-teal complete does it for me: reminds me of mermaid scales or something (don't start bringing up the discussion that mermaids do not exist, I don't want to hear it! :( )

Finally, as promised, here's two pictures of my gorgeous Cavoodle (cavalier x poodle). She's almost nine weeks old and has already captured the heart of every single person in my household, most of all Blondey. We all dote over her like the princess that she is, which is what I suspect is making her behave like such a diva at times!

The joy of owning a puppy is pretty incredible. With Oliver as a kitten it was much easier for some reason; he was already toilet-trained (don't ask me how!) and ate whatever was in his bowl. With Vanilla Bean, it was a completely different story. Not only was she a bit of a trouble-maker and cry-baby, she is a really picky-eater and it took me a while to find a brand that she would eat!

Talk about high-maintenance. Still, she is so easy to train as well and is already learning some new tricks. I could never stay mad at her: look at that adorable face!!

For now, hope everyone had a great weekend and if you're a uni student, good luck! Just one more semester to go until end of year break!


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