Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Blushing pink


The occasional rain-free day is always taken advantage around here, and so with the light spilling over the horizon we rushed out for a quick shoot before being forced to admit that summer was truly over.

All links to what I'm wearing in the post.

I'll happily live out in this trend. Pastel baby pinks and blues in hard leather have become the new sportlux. Never been much of a cap person--let's be real, a hat person at that--but I quite like how sleek it all looks as long as my mane is under control.

The matching faux leather cap and shorts from Bardot is to die for--perfect together or as add-ons to survive this winter.

The chambray long-sleeve from Staple the Label has become a wardrobe staple (ha!) and looks perfect layered under thick coats or under dresses. In this case, it was the perfect oversized throw-on to fend off offending stares from passer-bys at the lack of attire.

All links to these pieces below!


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