Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Rose colour vision


Snow-bunny hopped to the slopes of Mt. Buller this weekend and kind of did my neck in. Rookie mistake, really.

On the other hand, we took these shots against someone's amazing vine-laced stone enclosure the other day. Click through for outfit details.

We spent a few days on the slopes and I somehow mastered the art of not falling on my face whilst snowboarding. It's a feat in itself; I'm uncoordinated at best, and that's just in flats and steady ground.

Guilty of outfit repeating in this get up: Glamor embroidered top and skirt tied together with these nude lace ups (get it?). Honestly, the white on white and vine enclosure makes for such a romantic set up. The entire place is a mini colosseum of types and seems quite fitting with the gladiator sandals. Coincidence? I think not. Love,

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