Sunday, August 2, 2015

Case of the battle fatigues


You look like you're heading into war, my photographer for the day points out. The military coat doesn't help sway the army-esque get up either. She has a point, although what good these fatigues would be as camouflage I would have no idea. Militia uniforms have never looked so on point (albeit unpractical for skirmishes).

Just another Sunday, readying for a battle.

I am a little obsessed with the details of this military/mac coat, I must admit. The navy lining and details is everything, and maybe goes too well with the Espirit blouse I paired underneath this stunning bodycon dress.

Love of my life came back from her Europe trip with a gift in tow; mothers do know best when it comes to bags, boy and butterless cupcakes it seems. (Even she made an off-hand comment about her war-fatigues--maybe it's the colour?). The GUCCI bag is incredibly precious; it's what every crazy bag-hoarders pine after. If something can fit my tablet, phone, slr and four-thirds + lens without threatening to break apart, I know it was meant to be.

This week/month has been kicking my ass, but it's August as of a couple of hours ago so fingers-crossed that all the hard work pays off.

Warm hugs and kisses from freeeeezing Melbourne.



Espirit blouse
Rare London dress
Lipstik shoes

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