Tuesday, October 20, 2015

23 and still musing


A much belated birthday post because I prophesized a busy October and boy did I receive it. It didn’t help that laptops do not stand to be watered like living plants and mine has not recovered from an accidental spill—I’m currently shopping around for a replacement. Fortunately, nothing has been lost and I can still complete papers and check emails without pulling my hair out.
Here are a few reflections and self-musings now that things have quietened down.

1.       It’s okay not to be doing a million things at once
2.       More travel, less iPhone
3.       Carefully curated moments (‘Instagram-worthiness’) is something of a peculiar phenomenal; we all want our lives to be perceived as picturesque, but a lot of the time, the upwards climb to a self-defined success isn’t something a filter can fix. A self-reminder that an achievement and the path leading to it does not always fit an eye-candy criteria, and not every moment can or should be photographed.
4.       Physical workouts and a gym membership does wonders for the mind too; the amount of times sixty minutes spent at the gym has cleared the head should prove that in itself.
5.       Patience is a serious virtue, and something to keep working towards
6.       Slow down on the coffee
7.       Seriously
8.       Spend more time with family and friends and less time with toxic relationships
9.       Develop better eating habits; one meal at three in the morning does not a good habit make
10.   Consume more books (perhaps a book a week is not an impossible goal…?)
That’s all for now I think. More on a few changes I’ve already pursued later. 


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